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    S-2200 Self Leveling Underlayment

    S-2200 is a selected blend of cement, aggregate and other materials, that when mixed with water becomes a liquid material that seeks its own level and produces a smooth flat surface. When mixed and placed appropriately, S-2200 sets fast, does not crack, shrink or spall and is water-resistant. S-2200 has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength and flexural strength properties. S-2200 is easy to install, may be poured or pumped and can be walked on after 2 to 4 hours. With S-2200, floor coverings may be installed 12 to 14 hours after installation under normal conditions. The flow spread of S-2200 is 20”. Suggested self-leveling practice is to pour the product and rake the pour to promote even leveling, or use a draw bar such as Summit-Tools Level-Rite expandable grading level. S-2200 must be used with SP-888 Primer only. Other primers and latexes are not to be substituted. S-2200 is used to level floors prior to installing ceramic tile, slate, carpet, resilient flooring, athletic floors, wooden parquet, etc. S-2200 may be used over prepared old concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, cut back and adhesive residue, old wooden floors, steel decking and epoxy coatings.

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    S-2500 Quick Patch System

    S-2500 is designed for patching rough, fully cured concrete or exterior grade plywood Group 1 CC or similar as an approved underlayment surface before floor covering installation. To be mixed with water only, S-2500 is a ready to mix latex modified formula. S-2500 is specially formulated for superior adhesion, toughness and resilience while providing the full robustness of a high quality quick patch system. Floor coverings can be installed in as little as 1.5 hours after application of the quick patch system at 70ºF. S-2500 is a Zero Volatile Organic Compound formula.

    TECHNICAL DATA: Physical Properties
    Compressive Strength - 7 Days: 3650 psi      28 Days: 3220 psi

    - For interior applications only.
    - Patching and filing depressions, holes and cracks in concrete and exterior grade underlayment.
    - Specially formulated toughness.
    - High compressive strength.
    - Patching from featheredge to 2-inch thickness max per application layer.
    - Compatible with dry set mortars, epoxies, polyurethane and ceramic tile adhesives for resilient floor covering applications.

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    SP-888 Underlayment Primer

    SP-888 is a copolymer emulsion designed for use with S-2200. SP-888 seals the substrate and improves the bond strength of S-2200 to substrates. SP-888 is supplied at a high solids ratio and is diluted 1:1 (by vol.) with clean water at the job site. SP-888 is low foaming, non-toxic, non-flammable and easy to apply. SP-888 meets or exceeds ASTM 1059 requirements for Type I or Type II Latex Bonding Agent. SP-888 is recommended for use with S-2200 to seal substrate and improve bond strength of S-2200 self-leveling underlayment to various substrates, concrete, brick pavers, ceramic tile and exterior grade plywood.

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