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    S-300 Epoxy Setting Adhesive

    S-300 is a 100% solids epoxy setting adhesive and is recommended for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces. It is ideal for green marble and other products that are affected by setting products that contain water. S-300 is designed for applications that require high shear bond and good compressive strength. This product will not bleed through marble. S-300 is easy to mix and is water cleanable. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI A118.3 for epoxy adhesive. S-300 epoxy adhesive is suitable for interior and exterior installations. S-300 is recommended for installing marble or ceramic tile over existing ceramic tile, fiberglass laminates, interior (non-wet) grade plywood, steel, cured concrete, cured plaster, drywall, terrazzo, masonry surfaces and cementitious backerboard. S-300 has superior chemical resistance to dilute acids, household cleaners, food-processing residues, fats, deicing salts, gasoline and diesel fuel.

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    S-360 5-Minute Rapid Set Epoxy Adhesive

    S-360 is a general/ multi- purpose adhesive for quick strong bond applications. It’s fast cross-linking action offers users an easy, quick and simple repair system for many quick patch, spot bonding or emergency repair situations. S-360 offers a quick working time of 5 minutes. It’s specialized blend of cross linking agents and adhesion promoters allow S-360 to be applied or used on a variety of properly prepared clean substrates.

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    S-4500 Fura-Set Epoxy Mortar

    Fura-set is a 3 part 100% solids epoxy mortar system designed for outstanding chemical and moisture resistance. S-4500 Fura-set meets or exceeds ANSI A118.3 requirements for epoxy mortar. Fura-set will cure at low temperatures (40°F) and high humidity. Floor brick may be installed with Fura-set on sound, cured damp concrete at temperatures as low as 40°F. The Fura-set filler system is an inert aggregate that exhibits superior physical characteris¬tics when compared with typical epoxy filler systems. The liquid binder system is unique when compared with conventional epoxy binder systems in that it will cure at low temperatures and on cured, damp substrates. Fura-set meets all USDA requirements for meat and poultry processing plants. Although Fura-set was designed primarily for floor brick installation, it will function well in other epoxy floor mortar applications. Fura-set is recommended for setting floor brick in dairies, distil¬leries, chemical laboratories, breweries, food processing plants, meat and poultry processing plants and refineries.

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