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Since 1912


Thin Brick

   Summitville, America’s leading floor brick producer, offers Thin Brick in 14 colors. Each color offers a wide range of shades. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven characteristics.

   Custom flashed blends are available by special order: minimum quantity may be required. Always check with the factory before ordering, some inventory may be available.   

   Thin Brick standard sizes are 2 1/4" x 7 5/8" x 9/16" and 3 5/8" x 11 5/8" x 9/16". Special order sizes are available minimum quantity required. Full size brick are available by custom order to match your Thin Brick project. Other sizes and shapes may be available, depending on color choice and quantity. Minimum quantities required - always check factory - inventory may be available.

   Summitville Thin Brick specification standards conform to ASTM C1088 (type TBX, Grade Exterior.)

   Installation Methods: Summitville Thin Brick can be installed in numerous ways. It is relatively thin and can be installed by the traditional tile setting method or various types of panel systems. To insure a quality installation, a complete line of installation materials are manufactured and offered by Summitville for your one source satisfaction. Contact the factory for more information on specific materials for your installation.
*Color matching Olde Towne brick Pavers are available in 12 Thin Brick Colors.