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Chemical-Resistant Floor Brick

  Summitville’s Industrial Floor Brick System offers a dependable, proven solution for high traffic areas exposed to chemicals, acids, oils, heavy equipment and other damaging agents. Once your project requirements are determined, Summitville can recommend a custom installation system, providing you with all the materials needed to insure results that will exceed your specifications.
  Summitville is the only company that manufactures, both the Floor Brick and the Setting and Grouting products necessary for completing the job, offering a turnkey system from a single source with a proven reputation of quality and performance.
  Summitville Tiles is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Floor Brick in the United States. You’ll find our Floor Brick in the finest breweries, food and chemical plants, dairies, bakeries and packing plants…wherever heavy equipment is used and protection from corrosive materials is required.
  Extruded from high-quality shale, Summitville Floor Brick provides a uniformly dense flooring unit that will withstand the heavy abuse of industrial applications.
  Flashing, waxing, and double abrasive is available on a special-order basis. We recommend extra heavy waxing for double abrasive or vertical fiber surfaces when epoxies, furans or latexes are used.
  Scored bottoms and sides are standard for smooth, diamond tread and abrasive surface brick … ideal for use where acid resistance is required.
  Floor Brick is available in one color, 10 Summitville Red. Sizes and surface treatments are shown below. For specifications call Customer Service 330-223-1511 for information and technical assistance.

Chemical-Resistant Industrial Flooring Systems:

After your individual requirements are determined, Summitville can design a custom installation system, providing you with all the material needed to insure results that exceed your specifications. 

From chemical resistant membranes to custom blended epoxies Summitville’s products have produced results that reach far beyond the most demanding expectations.

Summitville’s comprehensive list of engineered flooring solutions.
  Floor Preparations:
Chemical resistant membranes - S-41 and S-45
  Epoxy Setting Systems:
S-400 / 500 Epoxy – S-4500 FurasetS-5000 Chemical Resistant
  Epoxy / Furan Grouting System:
S-400 / 500 Epoxy – S-4000 FuranS-5000 Epoxy
S-48 chemical resistant epoxy expansion joint compound
  Specialty Solutions:
S-500 Low TemperatureS-500 Quick Set
S-5000 Low Temperature - S-5000 Quick Set
Custom blended epoxies for a specific viscosity and or cure temperature requirements are available. Contact Summitville for information.