Summitville Tiles

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Since 1912


Roof Tile

Summitville’s ceramic roofing tiles are produced in the same manner as our high grade quarry tiles, industrial floor brick and rugged thin brick products – they are made from high quality shales and clays mined locally in eastern Ohio, extruded and fired at temperatures approaching 2,000 degree Fahrenheit. As such, these roofing tiles are a semi-vitreous, low absorptive shingle suitable for the cold winter climates of northern United States. Our roofing tiles are a flat, non-interlocking shingle designed to overlap one another like wood shakes and traditional slate. Available in a range of four standard earth-tone clay colors: Slate Gray, Hanover Red, Moss Green and Chestnut Brown. Additionally, we have the ability to flash and texture the surface of these tiles to provide that old world look. All ceramic roofing tile orders are custom and offered on a special quote basis. Inquiries should be directed to our Customer Service Department @ 330-223-1511. Standard size: 6 1/8" x 13 7/8" x 1/2"