Summitville Tiles

Made in America

Since 1912



Summitville is the originator of Strata Tile…a unique mixture of clays that depicts the earth’s natural striations. The beautiful, random “grained” effect is monolithic…not a surface treatment. This exceptional Quarry Tile offers a wide range of color variations and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Strata is manufactured with a handcrafted “cushion” edge available in two sizes, smooth surface only. For a more precision ground edge tile, refer to Strata 2. All color numbers indicate a range of colors.

Spiral Pattern consists of: 43% 6x6” field with 57% 3x9” field.

  • 54 Driftwood, Range of medium gray shades
  • 55 Sandrock, Wide range of warm brown, red, tan and buff shades
  • 56 Appaloosa, Range of light buff shades